Application: each of the attached applications has a General information section, specific bond type section and an indemnity section.

Please complete the general section along with the specific bond type section you are requesting and complete the application by reading and signing the indemnity section.

Please send via fax: 516-349-5916, email: or USPS to our attention the following information:

1) The Application
2) The Court Order requiring the bond
3) Specific Bond Form, if required

General Court Bond Applications:







COURTBONDS.ORG is acting as an insurance broker on behalf of the referenced surety companies. As such, we do not offer an opinion regarding the referenced surety companies ability to offer a bond for any submission that is created because of this website. Offering surety bonds for court bond submissions is at the sole discretion of the surety company. Therefore, there are no guarantees that any of the referenced sureties will or will not offer a surety bond for an application placed through our agency because of this website.

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